Nine Daughters







As they strut with purpose (one that is not quite clear) through a sun drenched field while grass dances around them, these models might look like your everyday suicidal virgin or school girl missing at notorious Australian rock, but they are actually the model, pseudo- sisters of new creative consultancy company, Nine Daughters

During golden hour, a team of creatives including myself as stylist, or self- appointed tenth daughter of the day, set out to lense the Nine Daughters launch campaign shoot. I wanted to make sure that there was a consistent story within the styling while at the same time giving each girl an individual personality, just like nonfictional, non gene- pool winning siblings. I looked to different labels to put together a wardrobe for the shoot that would marry vintage, bohemian and luxe pieces with a neutral colour palette and an overall femininity. 

Second Photo, L- R clockwise Jessica wears Ela Hawke Vintage dress | Lauren wears Lilya lace dress | Jocelyn wears Ela Hawke Vintage lace dress | Chloe wears Lisa Brown dress | Becky wears Farron dress | Jacquie wears Farron top and leather skirt | Ebony wears Lilya dress | Kate wears Farron leather bustier and skirt | Natasha wears Ela Hawke Vintage top and Lisa Brown tights

Creative Director/ Nine Daughters founder Celia Lucas

Talent Jessica Rosaria, Lauren Taylor, Jocelyn Neuendorf, Chloe Molan, Becky Mync, Jacquie McLaren, Ebony Nave, Kate Tuttle, Natasha Pruchniewicz. 

Photographer Liam O’Donnell 

Photography Assistant Daniel Sgualdino 

Beauty Kayla Elefson & Courtney Shepherd

Fashion yours truly 

Photos by Liam O’Donnell, layout by me.

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2 thoughts on “Nine Daughters

  1. These look amazing! Kind of wish I had of ruined it by being a model. I would have totally run off with the clothes though.

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