Cosmic Punk

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My favourite thing (and I’m sure you’ve heard me say this before, so sorry I’m not sorry) about fashion is that it allows us to take the artwork of someone else and interpret it in a way that is completely and solely expressive of ourselves. It gives you the freedom to define yourself as an individual or brand you as part of a group. There are so many sub cultures that can be defined by their style and I think it’s interesting that wether it be the music you listen to or your social class that defines the clique you run in, fashion can completely set you apart from the pack while at the same time including you in another.

In the last year I’ve become fascinated with one of these sub cultures. Seapunk was spawned online as a genre of ravers and escalated into its own appreciation of music and aesthetic. I must admit to never being a fan of electronic music as I’m much more of an indie rock kid and mostly just an underlying fear of experiencing some sort of spontaneous epileptic fit induced by flashing lights and ecstasy, but the style interpreted is something I was drawn to. Like a hopeless excuse for a Bower bird- dangle something pretty in my face and I’ll follow. I started researching the different extensions of the rave lifestyle & belief system (yes, there is actually a belief system past furry leg warmers) and became enamored with the rainbow beaded bracelets of kandi kids and bright kuwaii threads of the social movement. 

These trends begged to be explored so I called on the talents of exclusively Australian labels, retailers and local creatives to re-imagine this unique aesthetic in the very first Brijet fashion editorial; Cosmic Punk.

    1. Dress Shayli Harrison x Style Cult | Watches Ice Watch | Rings Molten StoreBracelets stylists own (worn throughout)
    2. Top//Skirt Taylah Hasaballah x Tiger Temple 
    3. Top//Skirt Taylah Hasaballah x Tiger Temple | Cuff Alexandra Blak x Save The Last Pinker | Watches Ice Watch
    4. Dress Gail Sorronda | Shoes Doc Martens x Downes Shoes | Necklace//Choker Molten Store
    5. Top Taylah Hasaballah x Tiger Temple | Pants Gail Sorronda | Shoes Doc Martens x Downes Shoes | Necklaces Alexandra Blak x Save The Last Pinker | Watches Ice Watch | Jacket stylists own
    6. Dress//Shorts Shayli Harrison x Style Cult | Shoes Doc Martens x Downes Shoes | Rings Molten Store | Collar Love in Leather | Cuff Alexandra Blak x Save The Last Pinker | Watch Ice Watch
    7. Dress Gail Sorronda | Choker Molten Store

Photography James Barlow | Model Elize O’Connor | Beauty Kathleen James | Fashion//Artwork Brigitte Hill | Location Kippa- Ring Motel

2 thoughts on “Cosmic Punk

  1. I can imagine what a huge amount of work goes into a photo shoot like this and it’s turned out so brilliantly! You’re a real talent! Also, did your model let you bleach her eyebrows? Because THAT is dedication to fashion. Congrats on your first editorial Ms. Brijet, I’m looking forward to more on this blog, if Russh doesn’t snap you up first.
    x Catherine @ The Spring

    • Oh thank you Catherine, that means so much from someone as creative and brilliant as you. Yes, it was a big job pulling it together but so much fun. No, Lize didn’t bleach her brows, we filled them with thick white foundation haha but I’m considering bleaching mine again because the pink looked so freaking cool. x

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